Outline of the Center for Doctoral Career Development

Promoting Doctoral Career Creation

About PDCC (Promoting Doctoral Career Creation)

In cooperation with business enterprises which work in the growing industries or fields such as bio-life science and information and communication and with research institutes including Shizuoka University and Nagoya University, PDCC will cultivate human resources who can serve local industries and growing industries for their sustainable developments by developing abilities to innovate technology, create industry, and make policy proposals as core staffs in the field of bio-life science, medicine, environment, and information and communications.

About PDCC

Adopted and funded for five years from 2012 to 2017, this program has started as a subsidiary project of “Promoting Post-Doctoral Career Creation”for Promoting Science and Technology and Cultivating Human Resources 2012.

What is the Center for Doctoral Career Development?

In cooperation with Graduate School of Science and Technology Shizuoka University, Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration, Shizuoka University Student Support Center, Office for Promotion of Gender Equality, University International Center, and other related departments in the university, and in collaboration with Nagoya University that is a collaborative implementing agency, the Center for Doctoral Career Development aims at creating a system to push post-doctors and the students in the latter stage of their doctoral courses to the society and has four functions in the following:

  • 1.The center will cultivate human resources that can play active roles in industries by developing perspective and knowledge which are necessary in industry in addition to the knowledge and ability on the advanced academic researches.
  • 2.The center will promote human exchanges between industry and academia by matching needs with abilities so that highly educated human resources can be properly utilized in industry.
  • 3.The center will contribute to the advancement of science and technology through bridging industry and academia so as to fully utilize superb research results in the society.
  • 4.The center will construct a mutual cooperation system as a hub in the local education in collaboration with other universities and educational institutions.

About PDCC

To doctoral students and post doctors

This program aims at cultivating human resources that have “comprehensive human abilities” such that post doctors and the students in the latter stage of their doctoral courses can pursue their researches by finding their own challenges in their situations through thinking and contacting other people no matter how the outer society changes. Join this program independently and actively so that you will brighten yourself in the field of “business enterprises”.

The merits to join the program

  • 1.You will get career support and backup individually.
  • 2.Long-term internship is an on-the-job training to lead to employment.
  • 3.You will get a variety of information about careers and employment.

Contact the center for further information.


To business enterprises and associations

Since the “Promoting Post-Doctoral Career Creation” as a subsidiary project for Cultivating Human Resources by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was adopted, Shizuoka University launched the “Center for Doctoral Career Development” which supports young researchers such as post doctors and the students in the latter stage of their doctoral courses for their diverse career paths this year. Based on the “Promoting Doctoral Career Creation” program, the center aims at cultivating human resources who will play active roles in various fields. Employ fellows with doctoral degrees to your business enterprises and associations so that you can strengthen your businesses and compete with other companies in the same field.

The merits to business enterprises and associations

  • 1. You can recruit fellows with doctoral degrees through long-term internship.
  • 2. Even if your company has had little contact with universities before, you will obtain strong cooperation.
  • 3. You will win in the global competition with the fellows with doctoral degrees.

Contact the center for further information.

A faculty member in the center will visit your business enterprise and ask about your questions, concerning points, and inquiries, and then answer and explain our program until you will be satisfied.


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